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LIKE IT, LOVE IT! Vol. 002

September 18, 2013


I like how our local meteorologist says that we should expect a “COLD FRONT” (Keep in mind, we live in the hot & humid south) to come through and temperatures will ONLY go up to the mid to upper 80’s.


Our lows will be in the 70’s.  Yayyyy!  On a positive note, I am looking forward to our annual 6 days of Fall and 3 weeks of Winter.  Not all together, mind you.


I still can’t get enough of the video of goats that scream like humans.  You will love THIS.  And love THIS even more!


July 14, 2013

cereal us


At any given moment, if you look in the cabinets of our kitchen, you’ll find cereal.  Not just any cereal.  And NO, not just any “type” of cereal.  We go from one extreme to the next.  You can get anything from high-sugar/transport you into warp speed, to the stuff that tastes like something along the lines of beach towel and soggy cardboard.

It just depends on who’s eating it.  So, let’s unpack it and see what we have.

I’ll start with myself.  Growing up, I was allowed to eat anything that was on sale.  And for the most part, it was the sugary, junk food type of stuff.  Remember “Sugar Smacks“?  Still, to this day, I enjoy a bowl of Fruity Pebbles, and yes, I will go “cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs!”  Now days, I make a concerted effort to eat a healthier bowl of goodness.  But like a comedian once said, some high-fiber cereals are so bad, you can just pour it straight into the toilet and cut out the middle man.


Both of my girls eat mostly kid’s cereal.  Surprise.  And usually they don’t complain too much so long as I don’t get it when it’s on sale, twelve boxes for $10.  Like anyone, they get tired of the same ole, same ole.

When it comes to my lovely wife, well……….. let’s just say this.  (Yes I’ve thought this through and notified her of what I’m about to say)  She doesn’t have to worry about ANYONE in our house touching her cereal.  NOPE!  Not even if we were forced into a primitive state that included making lye, using an outhouse, herding goats, milking cows, and milling our own wheat, that included separating it from the chaff.

Can you say, bland, boring, blah, CHEERIOS?  Tell me what you and your house consume when it comes to cereal?  Do you have a favorite guilty treat?  Or do you rely on your better judgement and only go for the stuff on the top shelf of the grocery store?



July 11, 2013

Do you enjoy COUNTRY MUSIC?  While I can’t say that I’m the greatest ambassador for that particular genre, there are a few songs I’ve liked since my childhood.  After all, growing up in the south requires a daily dose of the fiddle and some sort of sad song about a country boy losing his dog, wife, and pickup truck, all in three verses and a chorus.

My daughters have had me changing the radio station to country every time we get in my truck.  I’ll not admit that it’s growing on me…


Anyway, to my point.  I heard a song the other day by a well-known artist, Kenny Chesney.  And it really stirred up the emotions, as songs tend to do.    After I heard it, listened to the lyrics, and really contemplated them, I truly understood the message.  The song is titled, Don’t Blink.

It’s a simple reminder that time flies.  Not only does time slip away from us, but what we seem to take for granted, is gone in an instant.  Talk about an eye-opener.  One of my favorite lines is,

Trust me friend a hundred years goes faster than you think, so don’t blink.

I’m almost half way there.  My girls are teenagers.  I’m closer to seeing them marry than when they were in diapers.  I’m closer to retirement than starting a career.  Time flies!

I can still remember when my girls were just babies, people would say, “They grow up fast!”  I still hear their voices as I thought otherwise.  It seems like yesterday.

Take a few minutes to watch the video, and then contemplate your life.  DON’T BLINK


July 1, 2013



In San Francisco, if you order a Happy Meal from McDonald’s, you won’t be getting a toy.  The city has outlawed it on the grounds of fighting childhood obesity (Healthy Food Incentives Ordinance.)  However, since the new law went into effect, McDonald’s now charges $.10 per toy to sidestep the rule.

In New York City, a SODA BAN is making its way through the State Appeals court, and, if reinstated, Nanny Bloomberg….I mean Mayor Bloomberg will have his way.  What does this mean?  I’m glad you asked.  It means that you won’t be able to consume sodas any larger than 16 ounces served in restaurants, sports bars, and other public venues.  One-and-done?  Nope!  You can order as many 16 oz. Mt Dews as you prefer, they just have to be in a smaller cup.

Yeah, that makes sense.

Next thing you know, I’ll be required to weigh in before I place my order at 5 Guys, and if my BMI is above “runway model numbers”, I’ll be asked to leave.  I’m warning you now, if that happens, I’m going to snap like a dry twig!

While charitable in their attempt, I believe governments-local all the way to the federal level-are going about this the wrong way.  No one can argue that we have become the most overweight nation on the planet.  You’d have to be blind not to see we have an obesity problem, and it reaches all the way down to young school children.  To legislate people into eating healthy by taking away choices is creating a victim mentality.  In other words, mom and dad, you don’t have any self-control when it comes to driving by a fast food restaurant and ordering a meal with a toy in it.  And because little Johnny can manipulate you into pulling up to the drive thru, WE’RE going to step in and save the day!  We’ll stop those evil empires from giving you choices.  Sir, when you take your date to a casual restaurant, don’t worry, BIG GOVERNMENT has your back.  They know that you can’t be trusted to use moderation and self-control.  They’ll do it for you.

Yes, we need to fix our health crisis in America.  And that’s correct; I do believe it’s a health


So what is the answer?  To start with, we didn’t get this way overnight, and we certainly aren’t going to automatically become healthy by next week.  With that said, I believe there are three things we can focus on from a broad perspective and YES, I do believe the government, once again, local, state, and federal, can do some things to create a better atmosphere.



It doesn’t take a biologist to realize that the food we consume each and every day, for the most part, isn’t healthy.  Take a trip to your local grocer, pull an item off the shelf, and read the ingredients.  Then you’ll see that you might need to be a biologist to understand some of the words.

What is sodium tripolyphosphate anyway?

It would do us all some good to educate ourselves about what we put in our mouths, not to mention what goes on our children’s plates.  In this particular case, I believe the federal government IS doing the right thing by requiring the food industry, as a whole, to be more transparent when it comes to what’s in that box of “mac and cheese.”  There’s so much more that could be said.  I could write an entire series of blogs about eating processed foods vs Eating Clean or even go so far as to talk about how the U.S.D.A. (Yes, I’m talking about whole wheat!) has morphed the genetics of various types of grain over the past century, that it has rendered it impotent, as compared to centuries ago.


Eating Clean

Wheat Belly



Making exercise a core part of a child’s curriculum in school, will not only improve their overall physical health, but studies have shown that they’ll do better academically.

I could talk about it in greater detail, but I think this article sums it up well: USATODAY



Last but not least, giving people an incentive to lose weight could be the catalyst to a healthier lifestyle.  Let me be careful when I say “lose weight”.  I don’t intend to focus on just weight nor do I think putting all of our attention on what we look like on the outside is the best thing.  That’s certainly not my intention.  It should be the goal of every parent to get healthy.  Not just for themselves, but for their children.  After all, we know that kids will do what we do to a far greater extent than what we say.  Right?

My point about incentives is this, and I’ll explain by giving you a real-time example.  The company that I work for has teamed up with a program facilitated by Virgin (Think: Sir Richard Branson), called Virgin Health Miles.

In a nutshell, you sign up to track your steps using a pedometer.  Create an account on their site and log your miles, in turn, creating points.  The more points you build up in different levels, you receive a reward in cash or gift cards.  In our particular program, we have an opportunity to earn up to $500 per year.  That’s right!  Simply for taking steps to better health, literally.

Of course, this isn’t an exhaustive list of things we should do to gain back our optimal health, it’s only a small part of the solution.  I didn’t even touch on exercise/weight training.  Maybe this will start the conversation toward us making positive changes in our lives.

[DISCLAIMER: I struggle with weight issues.  I'm a self-proclaimed hypocrite when it comes to knowing how to eat healthy, yet I don't practice it all the time.]


June 21, 2013

As we get older—No, I’m not admitting to anything here—ah hem!  Anyway, as we continue to mature and age gracefully, our tastes change.  Our desires shift.  Our likes and dislikes morph into a whole new realm.

For me, gone are the days of eating a fist-full of hard candy, or wanting to demolish a big bag of Doritos, during one episode of All In The Family.

Ten years ago I could take off on a roller coaster and……wait, WAIT!  Ok, twenty years ago (Who am I fooling?) I wouldn’t hesitate to jump on the fastest roller coaster.  Now, going to Disney World and riding It’s A Small World, is enough for me to panic.

Twenty-plus years ago, you’d have to threaten my life to get me to eat veggies.  And back when I was a lad, I remember the days BEFORE microwaves!  If you didn’t eat all of your veggies while they were hot, well, you had to eat them cold.  Gulp!

Ok, I’m really dating myself now.

Freddy Krueger movies have been replaced with national news and a great episode of Duck Dynasty.

Nowadays, I enjoy eating a plate full of asparagus that’s been bathed in olive oil, salt & pepper, and broiled in the oven.  Roller coasters don’t thrill me anymore.  In fact, I’d rather not go to the amusement park.  A quiet evening with my wife watching TV or reading a book is enough to get my heart racing.

I’m not admitting to getting “old” as it were, I’m simply saying that as we mature, our tastes change.  What was once exciting, is now extremely dangerous.

How have you changed?


June 19, 2013

While I was in the produce section of my local Publix Supermarket, I could hear a child screaming at the top of their lungs, WHILE THE MOTHER WAS FRANTICALLY TRYING TO CHECK OUT AT THE REGISTER.

Heads were turning, windows were on the verge of shattering, and people everywhere were looking up away from their lists to see who was crying out like they’d been beaten with a fly swatter on a hot summer day.

As I approached the checkout line, I couldn’t help but notice the child was crying inconsolably, attracting all kinds of attention.  It appeared she wanted a balloon.  No big deal, right?  Well, instead of correcting the child–this is where good discipline comes in–the mom desperately finds a balloon to remedy the situation.

At this point, I was looking for duct tape.  My left eye is twitching uncontrollably.

I’m just saying!

Finally, an employee brings a balloon.  Side note: I think the employee was immediately promoted and given a spot bonus.

The kid shuts up (Sorry for my bluntness) and they head to their vehicle.

I check out, leave with my groceries, head out to my truck thinking the world is in harmony once again.

I’m almost to my destination and all of a sudden…




June 4, 2013

Here’s the latest on the kitten we rescued:

He’s eating and drinking and well…..using the litter box all the time.  In case you missed what happened, here’s what went down (
We truly enjoy him and we’re thankful that God put us in his path. kitten
Two NBA greats recently retired, both are class acts:
Jason Kidd and Grant Hill
What are your plans for the weekend?

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